Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Please buy handmade this holiday season!!

As a mother I can't help but feel bombarded by the LOADS of unwanted advertising for toys that my kids really don't need. What's worse is that the majority of these toys are made in China. This holiday season I have vowed to either make gifts myself or go on Etsy.

I will take this opportunity to self promote my own store: Nelly's Quilt Room 

Etsy has handmade everything. You think of it, they've got it. Many people are even willing to barter.

Think twice about where you're spending your hard earned money. Personally I'll be helping out my fellow crafters on Etsy this season, when I can't make something myself.

Etsy has also started doing gift cards. So if you're having trouble finding someone something, that may be the way to go. 

Happy crafting.

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