Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Murray doll

After scouring the internet and coming up fruitless, I'm going to attempt to make a pattern for a Murray doll. It may not look exactly like Murray from Sesame Street, but seeing as you can't find it anywhere in the stores or online it should be good enough for my 17 month old. If anyone else has any ideas on this project let me know. I will post pictures in January of this project and any progress I make with it. Now the fun part begins... the hunt for materials!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Selling crafty stuff

Hey Crafties!

I received a comment that I deleted... sorry, I was in a mood... I'll blame it on my llorona.

Anyway the comment was basically asking in a very non offensive way whether I would get angry if someone altered a pattern of mine in some way and then sold the product. The answer to that is NO I would not get angry if the pattern were in fact altered in some way. What WOULD get me angry though is seeing something identical to a pattern of mine being sold for pure profit.

That being said, I would not get angry if you made this wonderful stuff for a gift for a friend or to benefit a charity of some sort. If you were to make a doll scarf but then embellish it in some way, then it is no longe my pattern purely. You put your personal touch on it and you have every right to sell it.

Seriously just do whatever you want. I'm getting to the point where I could care less anymore. Especially with the CPSIA law in effect. (google it if you don't know what I'm talking about)

JUST HAVE FUN CRAFTING! They can't take that away from us...not yet anyway!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Scrappy Crinkly Book for Baby

Here's a project I whipped up out of some fabric scraps and plastic bags.

You'll need:
4 pieces of fabric measuring 6'' x 11''
1 plastic bag
1 piece of batting 5'' x 10'' (optional)

Step one: With right sides of 2 pieces of fabric together sew around 3 edges to make a pouch.

Step 2: Turn inside out

Step 3: place plastic bag inside of one pouch. (optional: you may use a bag in each pouch. I used one bag in one pouch and one piece of batting in another.)

Step 4: Fold edges of pouch in and sew across to safely close the plastic or batting in. (optional: sew a decorative edge all the way around. This will hide your closure and add stability.)

Step 5: Sew your pouches together in the center to make your book.

Step 6: Give the book to the nearest infant and watch the reaction on their face as they discover that you are the coolest person ever, because you know how to make toys :-)

I may post more pictures of this project later. Positive comments are always appreciated.

If you've made this, I'd love to see a picture! email me at porphyriac@aol.com. make sure you put the title of this project in the subject line.

happy crafting!!!

10 Stitch Basketweave Blankie

This blanket was made from donated yarn. I'm not sure what brand it was. I was lucky to have enough of it to make a blanket of one solid color. This blanket pattern would work best in one solid color of any yarn. You can even make it larger for a regular size afghan. The pattern is a multiple of 10 sts. My measurements for this afghan were 36'' x 36''. Don't wig out if your measurements don't match mine.

CO 100 Sts

Knit in Moss stitch for 3 inches
(Moss Stitch is K1 P1 in first row then you do P1 K1 in the following row.)

For the rest of the blanket you would Knit 10 sts in Moss St, at the beginning and end of each row to maintain a border. Then K10, P10 to begin the basket weave effect. Depending upon your yarn and needles your squares may be different from mine.

Your next row would be K10 in Moss st. P10, K10 to last 10 sts. K10 in Moss st.

Continue like this to make your squares. How I would do it is I would measure across my 10 sts of K or P. Then I would continue in my pattern until I reached my square measurement. For example I had 3'' squares.

Update: Basically it's like doing stockinette blocks. In the end your result is a reversible blanket. Where you work stockinette for one block your next one would be like a reversible stockinette. For the next set of blocks you just do the opposite of what you did for the first set and so on. 

Hope that makes sense. I do this stuff in my head and it doesn't always come out the way I intend it to on paper.

Positive comments are always appreciated.

Feel free to send me pictures of your completed blanket: porphyriac@aol.com. Make sure you put the title of this post in your subject heading.