Tuesday, August 27, 2013

REVIEW: August 2013 Out of the Box Sampler

This is my video review for the August 2013 Out of the Box Sampler. This box costs $25, which includes shipping. It is mostly bath and body products with a few edible samples packaged separately. Well worth every cent I paid.

I'm sending in my wax tart samples for September through December. Since I'll be sending in 100 samples each month, I get a free box for each month I send in samples. It's a pretty good deal for me. My product will reach 100 potential customers. Those people will try my wax tarts in their home. You can't get much better exposure than that. To me it is well worth the effort to separately package all the wax tarts. I just make a game out of it.

Throughout the summer I go to yard sales and buy up any baggies that I can use as cute packaging. When I do finger painting with my kids, I make sure to use card stock. That same card stock is then used to make business cards to put in with my samples.

If you have a craft business, the Out of the Box Sampler is an excellent way to get your product out to your potential customers. Have fun with it.

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