Monday, June 5, 2017

May Donation Blanket

May Donation Blanket

This was knit in a diagonal pattern, the same way you would knit a washcloth.

Crocheted border in Baby Clouds yarn

The blanket for May was knit with a variety of scraps from my stash and yarn that was donated to me by a local knitting group that I get together with. It was knit in the same way I knit square washcloths.

Cast On 4 Stitches
Knit 2 stitches, Yarn Over, Knit remaining stitches. 

Continue in this pattern until the blanket is as long as you would like it.
When it is as long as you would like it, start decreasing.

Knit 1 stitch, knit 2 together, Yarn Over, Knit 2 together, knit remaining stitches in the row. 
Repeat this row until you only have 4 stitches left. 
Bind Off. 

For my border, I did a single crochet border around the entire piece. This helps when weaving your ends in, as they can simply be crocheted in with your border.

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