Thursday, December 18, 2008

2 Rectangles Baby Blanket

2 Rectangles Baby Blanket

I often knit baby blankets for charity. I wanted to make a pattern in the blanket that would be obvious no matter what colors I used. The picture isn't the best. Trust me, when you knit this you will definitely be able to see the 2 rectangles.

When I knit charity blankets I use any yarn that is soft that I have on hand. This blanket was knit with two strands held together throughout. Also try to use soft yarns on baby blankets. Just be creative. You can knit it all in one color or in several.

My finished measurements for this blanket were 25 inches by 35 inches.

Because it's heavy, it's ideal to place over a car seat so that the harsh winter winds won't make the baby cold.

The directions are given for sections of the blanket as opposed to numbers of rows. Depending upon the thickness of your yarn it may take more or less rows to achieve the number of inches needed for a section. Keep a ruler on hand and don't fret if the pattern doesn't work up perfectly. This pattern is fool proof, even if you make a few mistakes, it will still come out nice.

CO 85 with two strands of yarn held together on Size 9 circular Knitting needles.

You don't join the work, the circular needles will help you hold on to all the stitches on the blanket. This is a very forgiving pattern. If you don't have size 9 circulars, use whatever size you have on hand.

Sections 1, 2, 4 and 5 are each 5 inches long.

Section 3 is 15 inches long.

Knit across all right side rows.

Sect. 1: Knit across all rows(until section is 5 inches long)

Sect. 2:

Row 1: K10, P70, K10 (wrong side rows)

Row 2: Knit across all right side rows

repeat these two rows for Section 2. At the end of this section your blanket will measure 10 inches.

Sect. 3:

Row 1: K10, P10, K20, P10, K20, P10, K10 (wrong side rows)

Row 2: Knit across all right side rows.

repeat these two rows for section 3, which is 15 inches long. The blanket should measure 25 inches at the end of this section.

Sect. 4:

Row 1: K10, P70, K10 (wrong side rows)

Row 2: Knit all right side rows.

Repeat these two rows for section 4, which is 5 inches long. The blanket should measure 30 inches at the end of this section.

Sect. 5: Knit across all rows until section measures 5 inches.

This is the last section of the blanket. You should have a finished measurement of 35 inches.

BO and weave in ends.

If your blanket turns out longer, don't spaz out. I always say that there are no imperfection in knitting. Any mishaps are just personal touches :-)

Feel free to donate this blanket to your favorite charity.

My blankets get donated to my local Project Linus chapter and also to BirthRight. There are plenty more organizations that will take donations in your local community. Make a few calls and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Many charitable organizations would love to receive hand knit items. Put that free time to good use, even if it's only 5 minutes a day. Every blanket keeps a child warm.

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