Friday, October 1, 2010

Selling crafty stuff

Hey Crafties!

I received a comment that I deleted... sorry, I was in a mood... I'll blame it on my llorona.

Anyway the comment was basically asking in a very non offensive way whether I would get angry if someone altered a pattern of mine in some way and then sold the product. The answer to that is NO I would not get angry if the pattern were in fact altered in some way. What WOULD get me angry though is seeing something identical to a pattern of mine being sold for pure profit.

That being said, I would not get angry if you made this wonderful stuff for a gift for a friend or to benefit a charity of some sort. If you were to make a doll scarf but then embellish it in some way, then it is no longe my pattern purely. You put your personal touch on it and you have every right to sell it.

Seriously just do whatever you want. I'm getting to the point where I could care less anymore. Especially with the CPSIA law in effect. (google it if you don't know what I'm talking about)

JUST HAVE FUN CRAFTING! They can't take that away from us...not yet anyway!

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