Monday, March 15, 2010

Scrappy Crinkly Book for Baby

Here's a project I whipped up out of some fabric scraps and plastic bags.

You'll need:
4 pieces of fabric measuring 6'' x 11''
1 plastic bag
1 piece of batting 5'' x 10'' (optional)

Step one: With right sides of 2 pieces of fabric together sew around 3 edges to make a pouch.

Step 2: Turn inside out

Step 3: place plastic bag inside of one pouch. (optional: you may use a bag in each pouch. I used one bag in one pouch and one piece of batting in another.)

Step 4: Fold edges of pouch in and sew across to safely close the plastic or batting in. (optional: sew a decorative edge all the way around. This will hide your closure and add stability.)

Step 5: Sew your pouches together in the center to make your book.

Step 6: Give the book to the nearest infant and watch the reaction on their face as they discover that you are the coolest person ever, because you know how to make toys :-)

I may post more pictures of this project later. Positive comments are always appreciated.

If you've made this, I'd love to see a picture! email me at make sure you put the title of this project in the subject line.

happy crafting!!!


Jenny said...

What a great idea for a shower gift! I just may have to try this. Got all kinds of ideas now of different materials and "stuffers" I could use! lol

Onelia said...

I've sent this book to several mommies and they all loved them! I'm just appalled at the prices for these at the store. It's not like a 4 month old wants to read the book yet. They just want to crinkle something. This is perfect. Inexpensive, yet amusing...does it get any better than that?