Wednesday, January 29, 2014

REVIEW Honey Bee Holistics Organic Bee Nectar Ointment

 A few years ago I was searching for natural home made products. Things like lotions and creams that would help my dry skin as well as my baby's dry skin. That was when I stumbled upon Honey Bee Holistics on Etsy.

I was new to Etsy at the time. I had just set up my Etsy shop: Nelly's Quilt Room

I had asked my pediatrician about a good lotion for my baby's eczema, which kept getting worse and worse. They told me to apply a popular petroleum based cream that is sold over the counter. My kid's face looked as though he had rosacea after I put the petroleum junk on him.

I wasn't about to have my beautiful baby boy walking around looking like that!

I had already tried some of Melissa's products at Honey Bee Holistics. I had ordered her Naked Bee Lotion and some Baby Diaper Ointment. Both products were awesome! The diaper rash on my then 6 month old cleared up right away.

Melissa had told me in an e-mail before that if I ever needed any product special made to let her know. I told her about my petroleum dilemma. She gladly helped me out by creating this product: Organic Bee Nectar Ointment

After I received the product in the mail I immediately tried it on my little boy's face. The next day his face had cleared up. No more red blotches. The dry patch on his face was gone.

Since then I have been using Melissa's products all the time. They are well worth the money. I pass her business cards out to anyone who I see has skin problems.

It is also because of Melissa that I now know the healing benefits of bees wax. Melissa uses bees wax from her farm. She uses the best of the best to make her lotions and creams. She puts her heart into what she does. If it's not good enough for her little one, then you can bet that she won't put it in her products.

If you're on the fence about whether or not to get this product, you should get off the fence and get this product. It will provide relief from the cracking and scaliness and redness. You won't look like you have chemical burn on your skin. My 2 year old and 4 year old have smooth complexions and super soft skin.

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