Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shipping your craft items

So you started this super cool online business selling your nifty crafts. You've figured out all the odds and ends. The items are made, pictures taken and listings are done. Then someone buys your item... and ::gasp:: you don't know how to appropriately send it!!! Oh no!!!!!!!

I'm here to help :-)

Many items can be sent in a manila envelope. Make sure you also have CLEAR PACKING TAPE! Masking tape, duct tape or clear "magic" tape are unacceptable. They rip, tear and just don't hold up well at all during shipping.

First, measure your item. Next get a few packing envelopes. Bubble mailers are only necessary if you are mailing something that is fragile. For something like glass, I suggest first wrapping your item in bubble wrap and then placing it inside of a box to mail out.

Always wrap your item in a plastic bag of some sort if it is a fabric or yarn craft. No one likes a wet item.

For items like fabric, or something made out of fabric that are flexible, use a manila envelope.

Items like cd's, DVD's books, bars of soap, action figures can be mailed in a bubble mailer.

Glass, liquids and vinyl records should be wrapped in bubble wrap and then packed in a box. Make sure that the item cannot move in the box. You can always tape the item to the bottom of the box after it has been bubble wrapped. What's important is that it doesn't move. There's less of a chance for it to break that way.

Always recycle packaging when you can. I re-use mailing envelopes and bubble wrap all the time.
I have never had a negative reaction from this.

What you will get a negative reaction from is when your customer's items are missing because of an item being packed improperly. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you place a piece of clear packing tape over the closure of your envelopes and boxes. It doesn't matter if the envelope or box is self sealing. I can't tell you how many times I have received an incomplete item from someone just because of this. I know it's a pain to do , but trust me, that little bit of extra effort on your part will save you major frustration!

Priority shipping from the post office is nice for things that are heavy such as candles. You can fit an 8 oz candle into a flat rate bubble mailer. Of course make sure to bubble wrap it, place it in a small box, then squeeze it into the envelope and tape it up good.

If you buy your shipping labels online, please make sure to tape that label on all sides! Once again, use clear packing tape. Masking tape rips.  Washi tape will fall off. Duct tape gets gooey.  Clear "magic" tape does not hold up well in shipping. Only use clear packing tape.

One last thing, please do not smoke in the area where you pack or make your items. If your customer does not smoke, they WILL notice. That smell does not go away easily.

I hope this all helps :-)

Happy packing! If you have anything to add, feel free to comment. All comments are moderated, no need to double post. If I approve your comment, it will appear later.

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