Friday, July 6, 2012

I've been super remiss in posting but I promise I will try to start posting a little more on here. Lately I've been doing a good bit of traveling. I've also gotten more involved in quilting than knitting. That being said, I still love to knit.

I've discovered that there's a nifty quilt shop close to my home that offers drop in sewing classes for only $5 a day. So I've been going there once a week to relieve stress. I love making things for my two boys and my husband. I also love to make a few things for myself. Some things I'll post tutorials for. Other things I'll just post pictures of and let you know where you can get a pattern. Obviously I can't post a copyrighted pattern that doesn't belong to me. But I can post pictures of my projects.

Every now and then I may post something a little commercial, like a review of a product. It probably won't happen too often though.

craft on crafters!!!

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