Friday, July 20, 2012

Niagara Falls

This past week I was vacationing with my family at beautiful Niagara Falls in Canada. I have never been to Canada, so it was pretty exciting. We drove. truthfully it was not a bad drive at all. The first two days we apent at the Hilton in Niagara Falls. It was very nice because of the close proximity to the falls. Keep in mind if you are taking children with you that you have to go down a huge hill to get to the falls. This also means that you have to go back up that same hill possibly pushing a stroller or holding your child. Plan accordingly :-D
     We had a great time. Although all the tourist attractions were very crowded, we still had a good time. We rode Maid on the Mist, which my 3 year old hated because he didn't like getting rained on. My one year old decided to sleep through the whole thing. It was 93 that day, so I didn't mind getting misted. We also did the "Journey behind the Falls." The best part of that attraction was that you can go on a platform and be right next to the falls. If I had to do it again, I probably wouldn't do Journey behind the Falls.
    On the second leg of the trip we stayed at the Four Points Sheraton close to St. Catharines. From here we visited Niagara on the Lake, which also was very crowded. The next day we traveled to Lakeside Park. WOW! It was so beautiful!! My 3 year old loved the park and the Carousel. There's a long pier that you can walk down. There's a nice sized beach area. The park is huge. Right next to it is the Carousel. You can ride it for a whopping 5 cents!! They do accept American money at the Carousel.
     We also went shopping here in Canada at the mall across from our hotel, and also at a large mall by St Catharines. Both malls were nice.
   No matter where I went, the locals were very friendly. The other tourists....don't get me started!!lol

here's some pictures!!!
 This is the American side of the Falls.

The horseshoe shaped Falls are the Canadian Falls
This is a view of the American Falls from our hotel room at the Hilton. The Falls can be seen to the Left, they are lit up at night. It was quite beautiful.

Warren loved the Carousel at Lakeside Park
This is the beach at Lakeside Park

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