Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blue Strips Quilt As You Go

This is my third donation quilt.

This one was particularly easy and highly addictive to make. Why is it addictive? I can't stop thinking about making the next one and what color combinations to use.

I have lots of fabric to use and this particular design is a great one for someone like me. I like small, simple projects that work up quickly, but look cute.

This is a close up of the back of the quilt.

The finished measurement is 45 inches by 60 inches

The top of the quilt was all donated fabrics in shades of blue. The back of the quilt is an owl print flannel. Strips were sewn in the Quilt As You Go method. (If you're a tad confused, Google: Quilt As You Go)

This worked up so fast and easy that it may be my go to method from now on. I hate having to pin a quilt sandwich together. With this method, I still had to pin, but strips were sewn and quilted in one easy step.

Fabrics that were donated were given to me by the customers and employees of Schrader's Fabrics by Barb.

The flannel and batting I purchased with the funds from my Etsy shop, Nelly's Quilt Room

This quilt has been donated to the Gabriel Project.


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